Trip of a life time…..
Ladakh with the Dream Riders
14th August – 26th August 2016

Doing Ladakh on a motorcycle was something I wanted to do for over 5 years. Every year I saved up for it my savings went in a different direction. Something more important or more necessary. Last year I took a stand and decided to do it in 2016 come what may. Got myself booked with the Dream Riders and got down to training for it not entirely sure what kind of physical strength would be required to cope with the trip.

And you know what!!! No matter how much you train, nothing can prepare you for Ladakh. What got to me? The lack of oxygen. After a good 5 days it finally got to me and I was on oxygen tanks. Would I do it again? Hell yes!!! No doubt about that.

My only regret was that I was not able to capture as many photographs of the places I visited as I would have liked to. My equipment was in a support vehicle that almost never caught up with us while we were on motorcycles.

We started from Manali and went all the way to Srinagar. Each place having its own challenges and its own reward. Below you will see some of the pictures that I managed to click. These are probably just 1% of the beauty that I saw in all those amazing places.

I surely cannot end this without thanking the Dream Riders Group and all the bikers that made this trip so memorable. I also have to especially thank my friends Jameel and Shehzad for being by my side for the entirety of this trip because if it wasn’t for them I would not be typing this to you all.


Hutch Photography Competition
8th October 2015
Rabbit Hutch, British Embassy, Abu Dhabi

One of my photographs got selected to go on display at the Hutch Photography Competition organised at the British Embassy in Abu Dhabi. The photographs will be on display from 3.30 pm on 8th October 2015 at the Rabbit Hutch and will be up for sale. All sale proceedings will go towards charity.

So please do take the time to visit the display if you can. Unfortunately I will not be in the country at the time so will miss it myself. 🙁


1 June 2015
Looking to make a portfolio of people.

Hey everybody, I am looking to create a portfolio of people for myself and for this I am looking for aspiring models, athletes, families, children …. you name it. I am willing to do these shoots for free under the agreement of certain terms and conditions. So if you are interested write to me on or call me on +971 50 8704098.


23 April 2015
My First Photograph Sale.

First Photo Sale - Lynn Simpson

I sold my first photograph today. Thank you Lynn Simpson for the support and appreciation.

It’s one of my latest clicks of Bukha Fort in Khasab, Sultanate of Oman. Had to climb another fort to get this.

Not at all modernized but there is a kind of magic and mystery around area with various shades of blue the sea has to offer.

Its only later we learnt that Bukha Fort was a prison during the old days.

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